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The "Cosmic Mandala" are versatile. They are more than just works of art. There are healing images which due to their nature, work efficiently and therefore enhance the quality of life.

They act calming, stimulating to the ability to concentrate, energetically cleansing to the environment, awareness raising, supportive to contemplative methods e.g. meditation etc.

More application possibilities:
Hospitals, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, sanatoriums, rest homes, government agencies, schools, open plan offices, railway stations, etc. - wherever people are present.

Other application possibilities
Large flat screens are now an integral part of many residential areas and offices. The "Cosmic Mandala"- Screensaver turns screens into interesting works of art, which indirectly act also as a light source.

Also suitable are printed "Cosmic Mandala" - images (poster), excellent for decoration of different areas.

For example:

  • to support the recovery of patients,
  • to inspire and increase the capacity in offices, schools,
  • for preventive maintenance of order and to promote harmony in public places,
  • etc. ...

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