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Mandalas are geometric patterns and images. Originally they merely contained spiritual and ritual meaning. The term "Mandala" comes from the Sanskrit, the ancient Vedic language of India and means something like "Circle".

The basics of the Mandalas have not changed by including modern images. The circle symbolizes the vastness and security. Passing from the outside of the circle to its inside helps to focus on the essentials, passing from the inside to the outside helps to focus on for the vastness of the cosmos.  The circle builds the base for the spiral, which symbolizes the development and movement of life, the process of learning and the ability to grow beyond oneself. In this way mandalas strengthen our self-confidence and help us think and act more clearly. The mandala conveys peace, tranquility, harmony and strength.

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Another in-depth aspect of the work was achieved by adding affirmations, which are invisible to the human eye.

Subliminal (Latin sub, "under," and limen, "threshold") is a term from psychology. It refers to the presentation or perception of stimuli by the subconscious. "Subliminal" means that the threshold of consciousness is not exceeded, so that people do not notice the subliminal stimuli presented to them or at least they do not discriminate (separate) them. They are not accessible to consciousness, but affect the subconscious mind.

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Inspired by the diversity of patterns of the so-called "wire-mandala", also by the chaos theory and the fractal theory, I had the idea to develop three-dimensional mandala.

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